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Owner, Personal Trainer, Body Building Coach


Owner Kahma 24/7 Gym, Kahma Fitness & Kahma Supplements

  • Mr. World 2018
  • Mr. Australia x5
  • Mr. Victoria x5
  • Mr. International (2015)
  • Mr. Southern Hemisphere (2015)
  • Mr European (Italy) (2015)
  • International Body Building Judge (WFF)
  • Body Building & Fitness Coach
  • Personal Trainer
  • Personal Nutrition & Diet Adviser
  • Prepration coach

Certified Personal Trainer

Savannah Joy

My name is Savannah Joy (or SJ). I have been a qualified Master Trainer since February 2019. Although fairly new to the industry, I have been passionate about health and fitness and active in gyms for over eight years. I bring a positive and encouraging attitude as well as a multitude of skills and experience in the fitness industry. My goal as a trainer is to help all of my clients to reach their full potential whilst showing them all the positive and amazing benefits a healthy and active lifestyle can bring. The most rewarding part of my job is being able to help my clients understand how to train safely and effectively, and seeing each and everyone of them reach their fitness goals.


  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Master Trainer
  • Nutrition Coach

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